Turbo Mama Event

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Turbo Mama Event

Post by Isolated » Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:21 am

Turbo mama is an event which is only made by [GM]Stevy.
Turbo Mama is an event which split races into groups to make it as fun/balanced as possible.
Turbo mama registration usually happens in Hotan south. When Turbo mama registration closes, You can't enter the Event. So dont be late!
''You must have Mastery Skills to register. If you don't have it yet,set it all then relogin''

If you die use ress/reverse scrolls or anything to get back! Don't forget to buy hp/mp/anything (GM Stevy wont help you to get back) so dont start begging him in pm's or globals him to teleport you back. Be careful.

''You will get (Reject Code:26) if you are offline during Scanning Time OR you did not relogin/restart''

If you want to be successfully registered -> 1. Relogin/Restart 2.Don't be late 3.Set Mastery Skills 4.Hold your main weapon.

You can check your registration by sending PM to [GM]Stevy and say check register

Turbo Mama Groups are:
LowEU, LowCH & LowWiz (lv42-lv123)
MidEU, MidCH & MidWiz (lv124-lv137)
D14EU, D14CH & D14Wiz (lv138-lv139)
L140CH & L140EU
L140WizNoob --> staff +0 to +12 No Boss Unique
L140WizGood --> staff +13 to +19 Boss Unique
L140WizElite --> staff +20++ Better & More Boss Uniques
So dont start going as CH To Eu party. Search for Your CH Party people. Becouse if you join to EU party as chn you wont get teleported with EU together. CH with CH. Eu with EU.

Sorry for the terrible english grammar/mistakes.
Having a deppression at the moment.


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